Custom Funeral Services

Our attention to detail is second to none and our primary concern is to lessen the burden on your family.  Our service goes beyond scheduling and flower arranging.  Our staff will be there to assist you before, during and after your service, whether greeting guests, providing assistance to those with special needs or just handling the unexpected.  Our staff will coordinate offerings to clergy, musicians and others on the day of your service, which families often find uncomfortable to do at this time.  We also handle catering, obituary and other fees for your family. 








Customized Funeral Ceremonies

We can help you plan the most tailored ceremony to properly celebrate the life of someone special.

Reception Room

Having the reception room available eliminates the need for families and guests to drive to another location, allowing family to spend more time with their guests.  You may select from our array of menus and we will take care of the rest.  From sandwiches and simple desserts to fine Italian cuisine, let us handle all the details. 

Coffee Lounge

Our coffee lounge provides an informal gathering place where guests may enjoy coffee and pastries provided by the funeral home.


We offer delayed webcasting of the service for those who are serving our country and unable to attend, or for family who cannot be with you.  Our staff will video the ceremony, including graveside services and place it on our website.

Life Tribute Video Production

You can work personally with our staff to create a collage of photos, documents or personal memorabilia, set to music that is special to you.  We will create a Memorial Tribute DVD that can be viewed during your service on our 110 inch screens, displayed on our website and viewed in the comfort of your own home.

Online Memorials

We can set up an online memorial for your loved one.  Our online memorials provide information for guests about the funeral services and also provide a tribute to your loved one.  Guests will be able to gain information about dates, times and locations of services.  The will also be able to order flowers, make donations and sign a guest book through the memorial.  Your family will have access to the memorial to add photos to create a photo gallery.  We can place your Life Tribute Video on our website for guests to view and we can also add the video of the service for out of town guests.


Live music can be very soothing and meaningful.  We can arrange for a soloist, accompanist, harpist, bagpiper or even a choir.      


Dove and balloon releases can be a touching way of letting go, whether at the funeral home or the graveside.

Customized Printing

 We can customize memorial folders, prayer cards or service programs.  We also offer laminated prayer cards and bookmarks for a lasting keepsake. 

Aerial Scattering of Cremated Remains

Above and Beyond
Above and Beyond

       When  the remains of your  loved  one are  scattered by air, each  sunset becomes an ongoing memorial,  no matter where you are  when that sunset is observed.    

 We can help you arrange aerial scattering through Above and Beyond.

Discounts are available for Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and Veterans.

Burial at Sea

We can arrange for this service to be performed by the U.S. Navy or through a private company.

Scattering of Cremated Remains

We can arrange for the scattering of cremated remains on Mt. Lemmon or in the desert.

Motorcycle Hearse

A 19th Century Victorian style hand crafted hearse, pulled by a 2012 Harley Davidson Custom Built Roak King Trike.